Michael Tanner is a leadership veteran with more than 28 years of highly engaged and practical experience. Through successful leadership positions of increasing scope, ranging from the U.S. Marine Corps infantry to C-suite executive, Michael is constantly increasing his knowledge and experience as a leadership practitioner. 

Michael earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in leadership. He prides himself on leveraging his unique combination of education, skills, and experience to harness the greatness within his clients and unleash the possibilities of their leadership potential.

Michael believes that leadership should positively impact lives, not just business results. He is dedicated to be the servant leadership coach that equips all leaders to impact the lives of those they lead.

Michael hosts a podcast at http://rookieleaders.com


Learn from Michael's own military experience to avoid being a dumbass in your leadership. In this session, you'll learn to properly define and measure your leadership effectiveness. "What gets measured gets improved." -Peter Drucker 

1) How to define leadership 

2) How to measure leadership 

3) How to improve leadership.

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Leadership Veteran

The Power of Servant Leadership