Steve's science-based program, Gratitude At Work, is a simple, yet innovative approach to business growth, personal growth and professional growth. 
His 2019 book, Surviving to Thriving - The 10 Laws of Grateful Leadership, was named 1 of 8 recommended reads by Greater Good Science Center at University of California Berkeley and 1 of 5 positive psychology books for a happier 2019 by


In his session we will explore the importance and relevance of gratitude as a foundational mindset and demystify the path to living a thriving life. Participants discover the critical barrier that keeps far too many people stuck, struggling with never having enough to lead a thriving, happy, meaningful life—and how this bubbles over into the workplace, stymies us from being our best and leads to feeling overwhelmed, isolated and dissatisfied. 

Participants leave with 2 leadership tools they can immediately implement to help them build resilience, maintain a thriving mindset, feel more grateful and be happier—both at and away from work. Participants will be able to: - describe how gratitude influences thriving leadership and personal wellbeing - understand the barriers to building a thriving mindset and being a thriving leader - demonstrate 2 techniques to be a thriving leader.

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Human Performance Expert, P.ENG, CSP, MBA

Gratitude At Work