Audacious Leaders Summit

Two Tracks, Two Focuses

This Winter 2022 Audacious Leader's Summit is split into two, very specific tracks:

Business and Operational Development: In your business, what opportunities are on the horizon? How can you innovate, reinvent, adapt and adopt to future-proof your business?

Personal / Professional Development: How do you need to adjust? You've known your reality forever, but how can you break the cycle of safety, comfort, and yes, complacency, to become the leader you want to be?

FRIDAY -  JAN 21, 2022

9:30 AM ET

Panel Discussion #1

Macro Factors Affecting Your Business

General Session

The future is unwritten- but one thing is sure. Change will always be on the horizon.
In this session, Master facilitator David Gouthro will spark a conversation with our three experts as to what macro factors are affecting business and leadership today, and in the future.

11:00 AM ET

Susan Heaton-Wright

Being Intentional With Your Hybrid and Remote Work Teams

Track 1 Intermediate

Hybrid working with some of the team in the office and others working remotely is here to stay. However, remote workers often feel excluded from key decision making; feel ‘invisible’ and are concerned they will miss out on career development. This speech is about how you can ensure you are noticed; part of the conversation and involved in decision making, rather than being ignored due to not being in the office.

Likewise, as a leader, how could you ensure your talent is all being included in meetings; are visible and being USED effectively within your organisation. The presentation provides some ideas for how to include rather than exclude your remote talent.


  • What the challenges are for remote workers and leaders working in a hybrid working environment
  • Strategies and ideas for remote workers to be visible, influential and being part of the business conversation.
  • How an effective communications plan could make it more efficient for everyone to communicate and to be included in decision making
  • What leaders need to consider, to ensure their remote talent is used and noticed easily.

11:00 AM ET

Angelie Kapoor

Coming Into Your Leadership Identity

Track 2  Beginner

Whether you’re a leader, manager, executive, CEO or a plethora of other job titles – being a leader is TOUGH! The vast majority of leaders today are recruited or promoted for their work performance and not necessarily for their ability to lead others. They quickly find that they have to adjust, improvise, make do and fake it — all while appearing to be calm, organized, being present, engaging and motivating others all the while exceeding expectations and delivering results. Learn about having a personal brand –your leader identity. Discover how you may be perceived by others as a leader and how you may be showing up in the world. Learn how to create and establish your leader identity to be a confident, phenomenal leader.

👉🏼 Discover and understand what your leader identity is

👉🏼 Discover how you currently may be perceived in the workplace and in the world as a leader

👉🏼 Learn how to create and establish the leader identity you want to have

Noon ET

Steve Foran

Gratitude - The Swiss Army Knife of Thriving Leadership

General Session

In this session we explore the importance and relevance of gratitude as a foundational mindset and demystify the path to living a thriving life. Participants discover the critical barrier that keeps far too many people stuck struggling with never having enough to lead a thriving, happy, meaningful life—and how this bubbles over into the workplace, stymies us from being our best and leads to feeling overwhelmed, isolated and dissatisfied. Participants leave with 2 leadership tools they can immediately implement to help them build resilience, maintain a thriving mindset, feel more grateful and be happier—both at and away from work.

👉🏼 describe how gratitude influences thriving leadership and personal wellbeing
👉🏼 understand the barriers to building a thriving mindset and being a thriving leader
👉🏼 demonstrate 2 techniques to be a thriving leader

1:00 PM ET

Liz J. Springer

New World Strategy & Innovation

Track 2 Intermediate

Do you have clarity as to where you are now, and where you want to be?

So you have a plan?

In this session, we will explore how to potentially look at how to move forward by removing limiting things and embracing new ways forward. To potentially see how ideas that can make a difference to their business with innovation.

👉🏼 To have understood and identified current challenges 

👉🏼To be clear on what they want to achieve moving forward 

👉🏼 To understand what ideas they could potentially use to stand out

1:00 PM ET

Tony Martignetti

Climbing The Right Mountain

Track 2  Audacious Leaders - Intermediate

Are you driven? Do you focus on a goal and give it all you have?
How we navigate our careers and lives is like climbing a mountain with many challenges and stops along the way. The climb is full of many decision points, and often we question if we are making the right choices.
But what if the mountain you are climbing is not what you expected?
We rarely speak about the enormous population of people who get to the top of the mountain only to realize they gave everything they had only to summit the wrong peak.
One of the biggest mistakes people make is living in a state of constant doing. If you are constantly doing, then your focus is all about climbing, making good time, getting to the next plateau, and, above all else, planting your flag before someone else does. And yet, many people have taken this path only to look around and realize their flag was meant for a completely different peak.
In this interactive session Tony Martignetti, the Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of Inspired Purpose Coaching will discuss how you can shift your perspective and set a course that will fulfill you personally and professionally.

2:00 PM ET

Edie Little

Shared Writing Activities to Build Team Trust

Track 1 Intermediate

You might find that you enjoy some of the perks that come with working from home. There's flexibility in your schedule and perhaps fewer interruptions during your workday. And yet without offices, many people are finding it difficult to have serendipitous conversations with coworkers.

Without impromptu conversation there is no organic way to build trust.  We don’t truly collaborate.  At best we merely cooperate and coordinate.  And that takes all the fun out of working together as a team. 

It is trust that transforms a group of people into a team. 

Shared writing exercises bridge the gap between people working remotely or whenever physical proximity is limited. 

In this session, participants will learn:

👉🏼  How to overcome the estrangement that naturally results from lack of close proximity to coworkers.

👉🏼  How to create a social environment regardless of proximity to coworkers.

👉🏼  How to think like your coworkers to build trust.

2:00 PM ET

John D. Hanson

Your Three Most Important Resources as a Leader

Track 2  Intermediate

Your growth as a leader is inevitable. You will evolve and you will change. Along the way you will learn great habits and, well, not so great habits. 

Leveraging three important resources is the secret to developing strong, sustainable growth, turning you into the highly effective leader you want to be.

In this session, John will uncover:

👉🏼 Identify the 3 most precious resources we have

👉🏼 3 Exercises to prioritize the best uses of these resources 

👉🏼 Golden Insight: How to Identify the Key Relationships in Your Life


3:00 PM ET

Jane Halford

Don't Let Your Next Leader Fail

Track 1 Audacious Leaders - Intermediate

Labour change over at the top has so many implications. When teams know they are gettinga. new leader, morale, uncertainty and fear are rampant.

Add to that, according to the most recent stats, 40% of new leaders fail in the first 18 months. 

Whether you are welcoming a new CEO or other leader, taking proactive, practical actions accelerates success.

In this essential training, you will learn:

👉🏼 Who is responsible for a leadership transition

👉🏼 Common "unexpected" situations

👉🏼 What does a new leader need to know and by when

3:00 PM ET

Suzanne Taylor-King

Understanding Your Saboteurs - Encouraging The Sages

Track 2  Audacious Leaders  Beginner

Have you ever felt like a fraud. Ever had that little voice inside you head that says, "Hey bud, you're not good enough!"

This informative, inspiring and motivational talk will leave you thinking about your personal negative voices and the Sage wisdom you can bring forth to help your brain be rewired for positive thinking! 

👉🏼  Understanding those negative voices and why they are trying to protect you can be a powerful weapon in your emotional intelligence toolbox. 

👉🏼 What is the voice, who is it for you. WE all have 10 different types of self sabotage and those saboteurs come to rescue us at different times. 

👉🏼 Learning the sage superpowers we all posses and how to encourage them.  


4:00 PM ET

Panel Discussion #2

Communicating in the New Era

General Session

Remote workers, hybrid workers, on-site workers.... It's all changed!
More than ever leaders need to be intentional with the words they use, the medium they use and the effects they have.
In this session, Author and Writing Coach, Edie Little talks to our panel of experts to uncover the communication tips, tricks and techniques required by the leaders of tomorrow.