Tony Martignetti is a leadership coach with a specialty in working with leaders and their teams to navigate through change. Tony supports leaders in gaining clarity so they can make better decisions, improve their leadership skills and ultimately increase their impact.


Are you driven? Do you focus on a goal and give it all you have? 

How we navigate our careers and lives is like climbing a mountain with many challenges and stops along the way. 

The climb is full of many decision points, and often we question if we are making the right choices. 

But what if the mountain you are climbing is not what you expected? 

We rarely speak about the enormous population of people who get to the top of the mountain only to realize they gave everything they had only to summit the wrong peak. One of the biggest mistakes people make is living in a state of constant doing. If you are constantly doing, then your focus is all about climbing, making good time, getting to the next plateau, and, above all else, planting your flag before someone else does. And yet, many people have taken this path only to look around and realize their flag was meant for a completely different peak. In this interactive session Tony Martignetti, the Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of Inspired Purpose Coaching will discuss how you can shift your perspective and set a course that will fulfill you personally and professionally.

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Chief Inspiration Officer

Climbing the Right Mountain