Edie is a Ghostwriter, biographer, published author, and comprehensive manuscript critic and editor. She launched Yourstorytold.us and the novel and audiobook "How Wonder Woman Became a Smuggler", the first in a series of literary sagas based on true stories. She's been a guest speaker at Medical Tourism conventions in several countries. She's also a radio show host and a story coach.


How the dynamics of people working together can benefit from participating in shared writing exercises. You might find that you enjoy some of the perks that come with working from home. 

There's flexibility in your schedule and perhaps fewer interruptions during your workday. And yet without offices, many people are finding it difficult to have serendipitous conversations with coworkers. 

Without impromptu conversation, there is no organic way to build trust. We donโ€™t truly collaborate. At best we merely cooperate and coordinate. And that takes all the fun out of working together as a team. It is trust that transforms a group of people into a team. Shared writing exercises bridge the gap between people working remotely or whenever physical proximity is limited. In this session, we will discuss: - How to overcome the estrangement that naturally results from lack of close proximity to coworkers. - How to create a social environment regardless of proximity to coworkers. - How to think like your coworkers to build trust.

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Shared Writing Activities to Build Team Trust

Panel Moderator: Communication in the New Era