Angelie Kapoor

Leadership & Operations Strategist

Coming into Your Leadership Identity

Bill Lee

Life Coach

Panelist: Mastering Your Mindset

Carolyn Shur

Shiftwork, Sleep and Fatigue Expert

Improve Performance

and Reduce Turnover 

Edie Ilene Little

Author, Ghostwriter, Writing Coach

Writing ActivitiesThat Build Teamwork

John D. Hanson

President | Speaker | Consultant

Your 3 Most Precious Resources

Liz J. Springer

Innovation Strategist

New World Strategy & Innovation

David Gouthro

Panel Moderator

Macro Factors Affecting Business

Mastering Your Mindset

Kim Caron

CEO Executive Mats

Putting Energy into Your Waste's Future

Jean Howard

Leadership and Business Coach

Helping you Drive your Future Success

Tony Martignetti

Chief Inspiration Officer

Climbing the Right Mountain

Loretta Kuhland

Performance Management Services

Panelist: Mastering Your Mindset

Marc Haine

Customer Experience Expert

Uncovering The Mysteries of Your Customers' Journey Experience

Michael Tanner

Leadership Veteran

The Power of Servant Leadership

Nurdan Tokoz

Human Performance Expert

Fulfilled Leader: Psychological Safety

Johan Mathews

Principal + Founder Mutual Design

Panelist: Macro Factors Affecting Biz

Jane Halford

Business Transition Specialist

Don't Let Your Next Leader Fail

Jill Clair

Coach | Consultant | Strategist

Panelist: Mastering Your Mindset

Susan Heaton-Wright

The Superstar Communicator

Being Intentional With Your Hybrid and Remote Work teams

Suzanne Taylor-King

Mental Fitness & Positivity Mentor

Understanding your Saboteurs ~ Encouraging the Sages

Sylke Chesterfield

Business Consultant & 

Executive Advisor

Working on Your Business, Not Just In Your Business

Tildet Varon

Inner Mastery Specialist

Fulfilled Leader: De-Stress and 

Re-Energize Your Team

Two Tracks, Two Focuses

This Winter 2022 Audacious Leader's Summit is split into two, very specific tracks:

Business and Operational Development: In your business, what opportunities are on the horizon? How can you innovate, reinvent, adapt and adopt to future-proof your business?

Personal / Professional Development: How do you need to adjust? You've known your reality forever, but how can you break the cycle of safety, comfort, and yes, complacency, to become the leader you want to be?