When Kim Caron started Executive Mat Service in 1996, he was a one-man proprietorship offering a mat rental service to local businesses. Caron is big on green initiatives and a very clever inventor.

Green Thumb is the name of the program that sees his drivers deliver and pick up rental mats, while also collecting customers’ used paper towels, paper cups and plates, medical examination paper, and even stir sticks and plastic cutlery. The waste materials are converted into thermal energy that fuels the Calgary plant, promoting zero landfill waste.


Depending on your business, your waste might have a future. Kim Caron, CEO of Executive Mat will talk about his journey in uncovering opportunities to save money, create a better working environment for his staff, and contribute to the well-being of the planet. For all those who say, you can't mix profitability with sustainability and responsibility, haven't yet met Kim.

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Putting Energy into Your Waste's Future