Debra Kasowski  offers world class leadership development to boost productivity, performance, and profits for leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. Debra helps people discover a faster and better way to accomplish the results they wish to achieve in a safe,


Do you find yourself lacking enthusiasm and excitement about the work that you do? Do you feel stagnant and caught up in the same routines? Do you find yourself dreaming of possibilities? In the dynamic session, Debra will share an appreciative approach for change, help you discover how to empower the individuals of your organization/business, and learn how to bring out the best in your people to move toward the desired future. It is simple - grant them permission to dream. → Awaken your deepest desires and dreams while discovering your innate strengths and abilities to make them a reality → Reframe situations and self-perceptions in a more positive way → Discover how you can build on past and present successes.

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Chief Facilitator of Thought