With broadly based expertise in sleep health, communication, relationships and management, as well as being a night owl in an early bird world, she brings a unique perspective along with actionable strategies for women particularlyCarolyn Schur — sleep educator, author, and speaker specializing in shiftwork and insomnia.


Imagine if you could get the very best from your people, make them happier, more productive and reduce waste and accidents. In this enlightening session, Carolyn will outline how considering Chronotypes will revolutionize how you make human resource and operational decisions. What are Chromotypes.... You'll have to attend to find out. Simple solution. Audacious results. 👉🏼 understand chronotype 👉🏼 explain implications of this behaviour in the workplace 👉🏼 develop implementation strategy.

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Shiftwork, Sleep and Fatigue Expert

Improve Performance and Reduce Turnover