Bill Lee is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and has spoken in Canada, the United States, Japan, and Australia.
Bill has been an Actor, a Pilot, an Author, a Cattle Rancher, and an Organic Farmer. In addition, Bill has enjoyed being a Mayor and a Board Member of a two-billion-dollar company. He now serves as a Facilitator, a Speaker, a Life Coach, and a TEC-Canada Chair.
Through Bill's training and life experience, Bill has become an impactful Speaker, Facilitator, and Coach.


Good Thoughts Lead To Good Things

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Bill knows that mindset is the driver to all success. He says, "Everything in our world is created twice–The first time is always in one's mind: a vision, a thought, a simple idea.

Bill is known for his ability to Inform and entertain audiences large or small throughout the world. 

Bill has professionally spoken in Canada, the United States, Japan, and Australia. He has won numerous speaking contest in his over 25 years as a Toastmaster and as a past member of CAPS, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers- Edmonton Chapter.

Bill's ability to manage large audiences and maintaining their interest is the reason he became Conference Chairman of the Alberta Agricultural Service Board Provincial three-day Conference in the years 2002, 2007, 2012, and 2017.

Bill is using his expertise as Life Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator to inform and entertain audiences of the benefits of positive thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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