Angelie Kapoor is passionate on working with ambitious spirits in the healthcare industry. Her specialty are  tailored towards women, helping them fulfill their career goals, pursue their greatest desires, and develop the leadership skills to elevate them to the next level.  

"The healthcare industry is unique in that it not only provides people with the opportunity to make a living, but it also provides unique opportunities for career growth and advancement".  


Whether you’re a leader, manager, executive, CEO or a plethora of other job titles – being a leader is TOUGH! 

The vast majority of leaders today are recruited or promoted for their work performance and not necessarily for their ability to lead others. They quickly find that they have to adjust, improvise, make do and fake it β€” all while appearing to be calm, organized, being present, engaging and motivating others all the while exceeding expectations and delivering results. Learn about having a personal brand – your leader identity. 

Discover how you may be perceived by others as a leader and how you may be showing up in the world. 

Learn how to create and establish your leader identity to be a confident, phenomenal leader. Discover and understand what your leader identity is - Discover how you currently may be perceived in the workplace and in the world as a leader -Learn how to create and establish the leader identity you want to have.

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Leadership & Operations Strategist

Coming into Your Leadership Identity