Having been an independent business consultant since 1995, Sylke supported  clients in their marketing, business development, communications, grant writing, and administrative efforts. Her clients are comprised of both domestic and international executives that operate in various industries, including Medicine, Government Relations, Law, Alternative Energy, Construction, Engineering, and Agriculture.


Sylke Chesterfield knows that running a business and “keeping all the balls in the air” can be challenging. How do you find time to work IN your business and also ON your business? The answer is leverage. And that can mean you follow processes, implement systems, or outsource certain tasks to others and use technology to save yourself time – and regain some sanity. In her presentation, Sylke will debunk the claims of “must-haves” and “should-dos” that lead to overwhelm. Her message is to keep it simple but work it consistently. And, you will walk away with more clarity about what to say yes to, and what to stop wasting your time on.

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Working on Your Business, Not Just In Your Business